A Major Success for Metal Detectorists

A few weeks ago, Metal Detecting member Robin Bonathan found a Gopro camera in the sea at Guardamar.

“It was well battered and bruised. Eventually I managed to open it. They may be mostly waterproof but they are not sand proof and sand had got into every nook and cranny of the camera. Unfortunately salt water had also got inside and destroyed the camera as well as filling it with battery acid. Gopro do not repair the cameras.

“However, I managed to extract the memory card and browsed through the videos which turned out to be from June to August 2018. One of the videos was of a mystery play at Chester cathedral in July 2018. I contacted the the cathedral and they agreed to put a couple of photos online on their official website.

“The next day they got back to me with contact details of the camera owner. The camera belonged to a family from Chester who were holidaying in Guardamar last summer. Having verified the owners details I am in the process of uploading all the photos online to them. (It will probably take a few days but will be much quicker than posting them)”

The cathedral administration has promised to put out a press release with credit to ADAPT in the coming weeks.

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