Adapt San Pedro

Asociación de Angloparlantes de San Pedro del Pinatar


1. Association Name

1.1       The official name shall be ‘Asociación de Angloparlantes de San Pedro del Pinatar’ known as ‘ADAPT’. No other name shall be used in the advertising or representation of the Association.

2. Association Base

2.1       The Association shall be registered and permanently based in San Pedro del Pinatar.

3. Purposes and Aims

3.1       The well-being of members and to promote the integration of the members into the wider social         and cultural life of the San Pedro del Pinatar region specifically, and Murcia and Spain generally.

3.2       To promote mutual understanding through ADAPT activities, events and projects, between English speakers, Spanish residents and people of other nationalities.

4. Membership

4.1       Membership shall be open to people of all nationalities who speak English, or wish to practice their spoken English.

4.2       The Association ‘year’ shall be from January to December each year, commencing in January 2017.

4.3       Membership annual fees shall be set by the Committee each year and shall be payable from January

4.4       New members shall have to pay only a 50% portion of the annual fee if they join from July.

4.5       Visitors and temporary member fees shall be set by the Committee each year and shall be payable at the time of visit or event or activity.

4.6       Members information provided during registration each year shall be retained on computer by the Treasurer, Secretary and President and shall only ever be used for Association reference. Members data shall not be knowingly passed to any third party.

4.7       The Association Committee may decide to terminate individual membership if an individual’s conduct proves prejudicial to the Association or brings the Association into disrepute. Where this may be put into practice, the individual concerned shall first have the right to be heard by the Committee, whose subsequent decision is final.

5. Activity Restrictions

5.1       Monthly Association meetings shall be exclusively for the business of the Association and its members.

5.2       The Association shall not be knowingly connected in any way with known commercial enterprises, other than:

–      to seek publication of press releases via newspapers;

–      to assist in the raising of charity funds or food donations when agreed by the Committee;

–      to provide members with beneficial information or instruction when agreed by the  Committee;

–      where a guest speaker from such an enterprise is deemed by the Committee to have benefit for the members outweighing their commercial role.

5.3       The Association shall not permit commercial canvassing, distribution of leaflets or sales brochures during their monthly meetings.

5.4       The Association shall not permit their monthly meetings to be used as a sales platform for any organization or individual unless approved by the Committee.  The only exception to this shall be if an ADAPT Open Day is held specifically allowing sales by Members and/or Charity Organisations.

6. Association Committee

6.1       The Association Committee shall be formed as per Appendix A of this Constitution – ‘Association Organisational Chart’.

6.2       In alignment with the Association Organisation in Appendix A, the following positions shall form the Committee:

  • President;
  • Vice President (Native English Speaking);
  • Vice President (Native Spanish Speaking);
  • Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • Press Officer;
  • Website Coordinator;
  • Charities Coordinator;

6.3       The quorum for the Committee meetings shall be no less than two officers, one must hold the role of President, the other will be either the Secretary or Treasurer plus one other Committee member. If the Treasurer is not present, then no financial decisions will be taken. The President shall have the casting vote in the event of a tied Committee decision.

6.4       The President shall have the authority to co-opt up to two Association members on a temporary basis for specific roles on the Committee.

6.5       All members of the Committee shall be current members of the Association.

6.6       The Committee shall be responsible for the allocation of Association charitable donations.

7. Responsibilities of Committee Members.

7.1       All Committee members, including Co-opted members, shall maintain strict confidentiality over every matter discussed at Committee meetings, with any breach in this confidentiality resulting in expulsion from   the Committee and potentially, the Association.

7.2       There shall be a monthly Committee meeting at a date and time advised by the Secretary, but there shall be no Committee meeting in July or December. In exceptional circumstances, the monthly Committee meeting may be replaced by e-mail consultation, but never on consecutive months.

7.3       Minutes shall be recorded for all Committee meetings and held by the Secretary.

7.4       There shall be nine Association meetings per year, each taking place on the first Saturday of each month, except where a Public Holiday falls on this date, in which case, the Saturday immediately after. There shall be no monthly meeting in January, July and August.

7.5       Minutes shall be recorded for all monthly Association meetings and distributed via electronic mail to the membership and posted on the website.

7.6       Association members shall be notified of meetings and events, activities or projects via the website and the newsletters using electronic mail.  

8. Association Expenses & Donations

8.1    The Association recognizes that there will be expenses from time to time and reasonable expenses shall be considered for reimbursement.

8.2    Individuals should check with the Secretary in the first instance before any personal expenditure is made, to ensure they can be reimbursed. If deemed necessary, expense requests may be decided by the Committee.

8.3    For Group Leaders and Committee members, all local travel within the town of San Pedro del Pinatar and its immediate surrounding towns as a region, shall not be considered reimbursable for travel expenses, as it should be always possible to tie in trips with routine, domestic travel. Where reasonable expenses are approved, a receipt for same shall be furnished.

8.4    The Association is actively involved with Oganisations and worthy charities and from time to time will consider assisting an Organisation or charity by either a cheque donation or by buying items of equipment or materials. In every instance, the maximum donation the Committee shall be empowered to make shall be Euros 500. Donations above this limit shall require a majority vote by the membership at an appropriate monthly meeting.

8.5    From time to time the Association Committee may consider requests for a donation from the Association Funds to an Association Group. Such requests shall not result in a guaranteed donation and will depend on the reason for the request, the justification from the applicant or group and whether or not the request meets the aims and end goals of the Association. The Committee shall decide on all requests for this type of donation,  regardless of cost level. The Committee decision shall be final on such donations.

9. Elections and by-elections

9.1    The Association AGM shall be held at the December.

9.2    All members of the Committee shall be voted into their positions via an election or by-election. For single nomination positions, a yes/no vote shall be held. No member can be a candidate for a Committee position unless they have been a member of the Association for at least one year.

9.3    Committee members must be elected from and by the membership with a majority vote. An election must be held once per year and will normally take place at the December AGM each year.

9.4    The secretary will e-mail the membership in the last two weeks of October asking if they wish to stand for Committee positions, which will be listed. If a member wishes to stand they must have a proposer and be seconded. If more than one person stands for a position, there will be a ballot at the December AGM.

9.5    Nominations for Committee positions shall be returned by Email to the Secretary by 20th November at the latest. Any nomination received after this date shall be null and void.

9.6    If more than one person stands for any one position then votes will be cast by secret ballot and majority vote wins. In case of a tie, the President casts the deciding vote, unless that role is being decided in which case a 2nd ballot shall be required. There shall be a simple show of hands if only one candidate stands.

9.7    The results of any election will be recorded in the minutes following the December meeting.

9.8    If for any reason an essential Committee position (President, Secretary or Treasurer) becomes vacant during     an operating year, a by-election for that position will be held. This shall not be required if less than one month      is left before the next scheduled election.

9.9    Outgoing members of the Committee must hand over all information and any documentation to their successor within 4 weeks of the election.

10. Amendments

10.1  Any amendments to the constitution shall be presented to the membership either at a monthly meeting, or by email and be subsequently updated on the website. If the membership has any comments on amendments the should be sent to the secretary within 7 days of amendment notification. Comments after this date shall not be considered.

11. Association Dissolution

11.1  The Association must comply with the procedures and protocols of the Spanish Local Council/Town Hall requirements for such Associations. Therefore, should there be no nomination for President by the 20th November, and the serving President no longer wishes to continue in the role the following year, the serving President will inform the membership that the Association shall be dissolved and the President shall then take all necessary administration steps to ensure the legitimate dissolution of the Association in line with Spanish requirements before the 31st December.

11.2  At the advent of dissolution, All the association’s funds and assets shall be donated to a charity agreed by the last serving Committee.

This Constitution has been adopted by Asociación de Angloparlantes de San Pedro del Pinatar after due consultation with its officers and members.