Adapt San Pedro


ADAPT actively encourages new Activity Groups, but as with every aspect of life, there are certain conditions that need to be taken into account to prevent animosity and conflict, to ensure respect for others and to create harmony in our Association. These Guidelines are therefore intended for Proposed as well as existing ADAPT Group Leaders

* When proposed, an ADAPT Group activity should clearly meet either the Well-Being or Integration aim of the Association

* ADAPT Groups will operate under the banner and umbrella of ADAPT, enjoying the identity, organisation, recognition and support that this brings. In a number of cases, ADAPT Group members will have contact with adults and children of the Spanish community. Such Group leaders, or Members, must not attempt to operate outside of the agreed ADAPT role or function when dealing with the Spanish community.

*  For a new Group, the proposal should be submitted by the person intending to lead the Group, to the Secretary via email with a brief outline of intent and actual activity envisaged. The Secretary will act as the communications channel for any interested members, until either the Group is established, whereupon the new Group Leader will have direct contact with interested members, or the Group does not materialize.

* When accepted, a new Group will be given as much assistance as possible by the Committee, either to try and find accommodation or to assist with development of the Group mailing list etc.

*Group Mailing Lists must fall in line with the Association’s Constitution on members’ personal data. That is, when sending emails to Group members, the Group Leader must enter his or her own name in the Email Sender Address box, then click on Bcc and enter the Group Member names in the Bcc box (not the Cc box). This will ensure that each member can read the message, but not the email addresses of fellow Group members.

* If an existing Group meets a situation where the Group majority wish a change to their activity, or a change to their name, this is to be considered as a request to the Committee. The request shall be sent to the Secretary for debate and approval by the Association Committee.

* A change of Group Leader, for any Group, must be advised to the Committee via the Secretary, to allow our database to be changed accordingly.

* There may be occasions where although meeting an aim of the Association, the proposed Group, or indeed an existing Group change request, may be considered unsuitable for different reasons. For example, a commercial agenda, or an individual agenda that may create conflict either between members of the Group, and/or with the general membership, and/or with the Association Committee. In these cases, the proposal, or request, may be turned down.

* Group Leaders shall receive a regular updated members list from the Secretary, which shall only show members names and no other data. Monthly Meeting sign-ups should obviously only have renewed or new members names. However, people sending emails or calls outside of this, requesting their names to be added, should be checked against the updated members list. If they are not on the list they may still attend one ADAPT event, but it is recommended that the Group Leader advises them of this and recommends they renew membership as soon as possible.

If in doubt about these guidelines, please contact the Secretary: