Bafta and Academy awards – take some tips from Adapt!

On Saturday 1st February the Adapt Theatre group enjoyed a friendly evening dinner complete with a variety of in-house entertainment. The highlight of the evening, attended by nearly forty cast members, crew partners and friends, was without a doubt our first Award ceremony based on our recent pantomime “Puss in Boots”. The categories and winners were:

The “Break a Leg” award, won by Enid (who did break her leg and had to drop out)

The “Silence is Golden” award, won by Andrew (who remained silent throughout five whole performances)

The “Longest Dying Scene” award won by Carlos (who took a whole scene to die)

The “Rampant Rabo” award won by Lorraine (who spectacularly impersonated a cat on heat)

The “Bouffant Hair” award won by Jan (who out-did a cast full of quite dramatic wigs).

Our next Theatre group meeting will be in May when we will start looking forward to the 2020 Adapt pantomime. Details to be announced.

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