Adapt San Pedro

September News Letter 2018

Dear Member,
It is a pleasure to inform you that on 3rd November we will be celebrating
our 10th anniversary with a dinner and dance. It’s a privilege and an honour
to be in the position of president this particular year, but this is only
possible thanks to the great effort of all the members of ADAPT and its
former presidents and committee members since Jane Cronin founded it
in 2008; a big thank you to all of you who have been giving your time and
dedication unselfishly to make our community a better place. May ADAPT
continue its journey for the years to come! I would like to welcome all
members to this special occasion and I really hope we will have a
wonderful evening together.
On another note, as you all know last year ADAPT created a new
programme in collaboration with the Official School of Languages of San
Javier. It offers an opportunity for native English, French and German
speakers of ADAPT to converse with Spanish adult students who are
learning a foreign language. The programme will resume again in mid￾October on Fridays from 4:30 – 6 pm. Spanish is not needed to take part
in this group and it is a great opportunity to interact with local people
with whom cultural exchange can really happen. The students and the
teachers from the school are really grateful for your participation with
them. Let us know if you would like to be part of this programme.
Apart from all the activities carried out by all ADAPT groups each month,
something else to look forward to this month is the beginning of the
Spanish classes offered by the San Pedro town hall on 16 October and
the trip to Jumilla 21st October. I would also like to let you know that the
San Pedro mayoress, Visitación Martínez, will be our guest speaker in our
November meeting.
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

We are pleased to announce a dinner dance
on 3 November to celebrate 10 years of
ADAPT at the Olympia, Mil Palmeras. 7 pm
for 7;30. Music to entertain us provided by
the Reef Band.
Tickets to go on sale at the 6 October ADAPT meeting or contact Celia on
675 416 704 or at from Celia or myself. Directions
to the Olympia will be on the ADAPT website.
These 100 tickets will be limited to ADAPT members only as this is a
private function.

We still have spaces on this trip at a cost
of €40 which includes a visit to Casa de la
Ermita Winery, the newly opened wine
museum, wine tasting, lunch with typical
food, a visit to Jumilla Castle and transport.
Plus 20% off any wine purchases made.
During the winery tour we will go to the vineyards and learn about the grape varieties, different types of cultivation, type of soil, etc.

Next, the new Wine Museum is visited and their first cellar where the oak barrels
are located. After that, they show the different aromas from the wines
and let us play a game in which we need to identify the aromas.
Finally, a tasting of 4 wines with snacks (nuts, potatoes, typical Jumilla
cheese with red and white wine jams, bread with extra virgin olive oil and
balsamic vinegar and local sausages) takes place.Please email Heather at to book a place
by 12 October. Payment for the trip can be made at the monthly meeting
on Saturday or contact Heather for details to pay directly into our
ADAPT account.

The San Pedro Ayuntamiento is offering Spanish classes (Beginner Level)
for ADAPT members at a price of 40€ for 45 hours of tuition. Non￾members of ADAPT are also welcome to take part in them. Classes are
starting in October as soon as a group of 15 students minimum is formed.
There are still places available. Please email Heather at to book a place. The classes will take
Concejal Mariano Henar, 5) next to the Villademar nursing home. The
classes will take place on Tuesdays from 11 to 12:30 starting 16 October.
In January a new class will start for those having completed the classes
this term and those who already have an elementary level of Spanish (Pre￾intermediate students).

The beneficiaries from this year’s raffle proceeds are
AIDEMAR and MABS so your support of the raffle is
very worthwhile. We know many of you support other
charities so your generous support of our raffle is


Celia and Jenny preparing for last month’s raffle.

The Theatre Group is in need of someone for a small part
in this year’s Pantomime, male or female. If you are willing
to take part in this annual fun event and can make
rehearsals on Wednesday mornings, please contact Eric




Gema and Cristina are already thinking of themes for next year’s San Pedro carnival and will be inviting all those interested in participating next spring to come along to a planning meeting on November 10.So far they have been thinking of the
Carmen Virgin, the patron saint of thefishermen and participants dressing as fish and big prawns but other ideas are welcome.

If you are interested please let Heather
know on


Celia holds up to date information on local and national services that could
potentially support members in times of medical or other emergencies.
Celia cannot, and will not, act as an interpreter or be responsible for
further actions on the member’s part, but will give contact details for
people or services that can assist, or, may give guidance or advice as to
best immediate actions to ease the crisis. Inevitably members will have
costs to pay if they decide to use any interpreters, services or equipment,
according to the situation. Members must note that this is not a
counselling service for non-serious or ‘regular’ medical conditions, nor
must it be thought of as a fully 24 hour on-call service. Celia can be
contacted on 675 416 704 or

Several new ideas have been suggested for new groups and Mike Pudney is
taking a lead in exploring these. Ideas so far are;
1. Weekly Coffee Morning to run throughout the year.
2. Talking Group. Controlled debating session on a wide variety of
subjects (to be suggested by any participants in advance). An opportunity
to hear and express different views and learn from them.
3. Fun Singing. No audition. No rehearsals. No talent required. No
pressure. Just come and sing your favourite songs in a group (using song
sheets) and leave with a smile on your face. Different songs every time.
4. Charity coffee morning. Raise funds by providing homemade, donated
cake with tea or coffee. (Along the lines of official Macmillan coffee
morning in the UK).
5. Karaoke session
6. Annual Ball. Dinner, music, dancing, raffle. i.e. Summer Ball, Easter
Ball, Winter Ball, Christmas Ball or New Year’s Eve.
7. Cycling group in the winter months
8. A gardening group
If you are interested in any of these, or have further ideas, please
contact Mike Pudney on


The group will recommence on Saturday 20 October from the summer
break. This group meets every Saturday morning except for the ADAPT
monthly meeting Saturday at 10:30 at the San Pedro Pensionista. This is
an opportunity for English speakers to practice their Spanish and learn
more about our host culture and gives in turn Spanish residents a chance
to practice their English. We are currently seeking more Spanish

Our new website administrator and press officer, Jill
Rowe, was introduced to members at the September
monthly meeting. We are keen to maximise the use of
the website by members so your ideas and suggestions
are welcome. Jill is also keen to have regular contact
with all group leaders to keep the website up to date on
their activities. Jill can be contacted on and our website is

The September meeting brought in 58.40 euros, so the

running total for 2018 now stands at 304.80€. Our
next meeting is on October 6th, so don’t forget to
bring any small brown coins you have been saving.




The Sunday lunches recommenced on Sunday 2nd September. If anyone
is interested in joining this group, please see Roger Clark (The guy selling
Jams & Pickles for Torrevieja Stroke Association) at the next meeting at
the beginning of October or send an e mail to
Details of the lunches are forwarded to members of the group by e mail.
The Sunday lunches take place every Sunday of the month, apart from
the last Sunday, at various venues around the area.


The art group is still meeting at 10.30am on Tuesday at San Pedro
Pensionista centre. If you are interested in joining us, please just come

Jo has requested no further books for the book club please until further

This group resumes on 1 October
This Group is not just for knitters, every
other type of home craft can be tried.
Everyone is welcome, so come along and
learn or share a new skill. There is tea,
coffee etc. available – you just need to
bring along a cup or a mug. If you need
directions to the Oficina in El Mojón
where we meet every Monday at 3.00pm
please contact the Adapt Secretary at


728kg !! Heavy man

This cooler month of September has been appreciated by our metal
detecting club due to the availability of parking and access to the local
beaches as most of the much-needed tourists have gone home.!!
There is so much metal rubbish been left behind on our local beaches
after the summer holidays that we are constantly finding the metal
remnants of the picnics, frolicking! and rave parties on the beaches.!!
The tee tree candle bases, bottle tops, San Miguel ring pulls, and
disposable cigarette lighters are abundant in the sand at the moment but at least our club has helped in disposal of them in the related waste bins.
We have had a great response from our members finding the polluting lead weights from the Mar Menor lagoon in relation to our
quest on helping the Hippocampus (Seahorse) Project from extinction.

The lead is sold on to help finance the project in a small way) This is the amount we have so far contributed and delivered in collecting lead weight from The Mar Menor lagoon and beaches since June till September 2018.

Our lead weight finds donations are on-going and we are all happy in contributing to the hippocampus project for San Pedro del Pinatar.

Rehearsals for the ADAPT Christmas choir start at 10 am on 16 October
at the San Pedro Casino, please come along or contact Dennis via


Luncheon Group
Half a century ago two people said “I do” and we had
the pleasure of raising a glass of bubble to celebrate
Pauline & David Blakey’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.
1968 was certainly a vintage year for marriages.
The next Menu del Dia will be at the Amador Restaurant, Pilar
de la Horadada. On 18th October 2018 at a cost of €10.50.
This traditional Spanish restaurant has become so popular with the local
If you have a SPECIAL birthday or anniversary please, let us know in
All meals are pre-ordered to give us a better choice of menu and to keep
the cost down. If you order meals and you are unable to attend then I am
afraid you will still have to pay for them. If you wish to be placed on/or
taken off the mailing list then please e-mail Janet on

Diana Wiltshire and one of her colleagues will now be coming to our
November meeting and NOT on 6 October for registering with the
charity for discounted cancer checks.

Our next ADAPT monthly meeting will be held on 6 October, usual time of
10;30 at the Lo Pagan Pensionista (doors open at 10 am)
Our speakers will be Jane Cronin and Tish Hirst from the Pilar de la
Horadada cinema club.
Please don’t forget your small coins for the tonne of money and dried
food donations for El Samaritano, BUT for now, no bottle tops.
Please see the ADAPT website for details of upcoming ADAPT group



Adapt elects a new President

On Saturday 2nd December at Adapt’s A annual General Meeting the members elected Reme Ruiz as President and Jim Brannigan as Treasurer. Vice President, Secretary and Charity Coordinator were re-elected for a further year.

November Monthly Meeting 2017

ADAPT members had the pleasure of listening to Fructu Navarro who is a professional photographer, lecturer and author of eleven books on photography.

He talked about what technology is doing for photography nowadays with such passion.

He said that he always looks for a certain type of creativity that does something different, incorporating tools and concepts. It is ok to break the rules, being different and changing our perspective when we can will help us to succeed.

Open Day

The event this year was held at the San Pedro Pensionista and was a great success, being well attended despite the hot day. There was a buzz of great interest in the groups and other charities represented with animated conversation throughout the morning. More great interactions took place in the Pensionista restaurant.

The photograph show some paintings from the Art Group.


AT LAST ……our big day arrived, following many weeks of practise and hard work.  Sunday 26th February San Pedro del Pinatar Carnaval and the ADAPT Carnaval Group were rehearsed and ready.

23 ADAPT members with an average age of 65 years and an estimated total years of 1,500 undertook the challenge of walking, dancing, spinning umbrella’s for almost three hours walking over 10,000 steps (accordinging to the pedometer!)

The hustle and bustle on arrival at the start was full of excitement and noise.  A tremendous atmosphere and cacophony of sound as everyone participating of all ages came together.  Beautiful colourful costumes with feathers and sparkles surrounded our blue and red poncho’s, but we were to save our piece de resistance until the sun went down.

We were to follow the Dragon Boat and once we had donned our sparkly boots we lined up read
y for the off. We walked and waved and waved and walked and the people of San Pedro lined the streets  young and old having a good time.

As late afternoon came we pressed the button on our umbrella’s (not necessarily all together!) and our light sabre’s illuminated our way!  The effect was impressive and our red and blue umbrella’s going up and down seemed to drawer  attention.

Finally we arrived at the end of our journey ………. A little weary but happy to have achieved what we set out to do and experience the joy of being invited to join in a very special Spanish tradition.

This year we didn’t win a prize but we were delighted that the San Pedro del Pinatar Pensionista’s took third prize – Congratulations.




March Meeting

Members at the March meeting of ADAPT were treated to an informative and entertaining talk by Bob Hill, on the history of the Cofradia, and of the great pride of being involved as a member of the International Costaleros.

It was explained that a Costalero is a person who assists in carrying a float, or better known as a Paso, around the streets, in Bob’s case, of Torrevieja, during the time of Semana Santa. Each Paso depicts a different scene from the Easter story. In Cartagena, there are Cofradias dating back into the mid., 17th., and 18th., centuries. Bob explained that the Corfradia to which the International Costaleros belong to is known as The Corfradia of our Lord Jesus Praying in the Garden of Olives, and yes, it is heavy, and true, 100 Costaleros are needed each year to carry it along the route.

It was in 2003, that the then Director for Foreigners, Graham Knight, was asked by the Councillor for Culture at the time, Eduardo Dolon, to find 100 men, willing to carry the Paso, during Semana Santa in 2004. Graham, always up for a challenge, not only found 100, good men and true, but also ladies, who would appear in the processions as the hooded Nazerinas or Penitentes. At the time, this new International band of Costaleros, was unique in Spain.

Toy Story

Jane Cronin brilliantly ADAPT ed Toy Story into a ‘traditional ‘ Pantomime and the characters and costumes brought it to life with a comic story line interspersed with dancing, video, the all important audience participation and even a spaceship drone for Buzz Lightyear.

Toy Story was a huge success and raised much needed funds which are used throughout the year to buy food for El Samaritano charity.

Well Done ADAPT Theatre Group

Guest Speaker

At our September meeting our guest speaker was member, Margaret Noden, who gave a brief history of her career as a journalist.


Margaret gave a brief history of her Journalistic career. Margaret said she had always wanted to be a journalist since she was a young girl, and started her career in the 50’s when there were few women journalist around. Her first assignment was to cover a football match and was so glad that she knew a bit about football, thanks to her father’s involvement with a local football team.


She worked for several newspapers during her career. Covering large and small storylines. She had interviewed several famous people and had rubbed shoulders with royalty. Margaret worked her way up through the ranks starting as junior reporter to sub-editor. A career she loved and said that she had enjoyed going into work every single day.


She entertained our members with stories that she was proud of and some that she would rather forget.



Thank You

At the May meeting of ADAPT John Frame,  President, along with his wife Irene, Secretary stepped down from the Association.  John and Irene have done sterling work over the past sixteen months, being very enthusiastic and hands on and forming and even leading some interesting new social groups. Vice President Terry Pierce thanked John and Irene on behalf of the members for their contribution to ADAPT and they were presented with flowers, wine and chocolates.


ADAPT, due to the generosity of its members, was proud to be able to make a donation of 1,500 euros to three very worthy causes.
The presentations took place last week at San Pedro Town Hall and was attended by the Mayoress , the beneficiaries and representatives of ADAPT.

ADAPT Association has a very good relationship with the Town Hall and with the local community as it strives to integrate through projects such as the annual Pantomime, Carnival, Schools projects, Spanish/English Speaking Conversation Group and support for designated charities.

Cheques for 500 euros each were presented to Juana Romero Bano, President of AFEMAR,
Miguel Andreu, Director General of AIDEMAR and to Janet Pierce on behalf of AMMA.