Adapt San Pedro

Successful Detecting

The Adapt Metal Detecting group is delighted to announce that between June 2018 and January 2019 they have collected a total of 23.46 kg of lead, in the form of lead weights, picked up on local beaches.  This material has been donated to the Mar Menor Hippocampus project which Adapt is proud to be working with.

The lead will be melted down and sold on by the Mar Menor Hippocampus project team to help fund the ongoing project to “Save the Sea Horse” from extinction.

Roderick Toms, the Adapt Metal Detecting team leader has congratulated members of the group for their great contribution to the natural environment, commenting that “It’s hard to believe that that amount of pollution is hidden below our feet when we enjoy ourselves on the beaches and in the surf”.

The Adapt Metal Detecting group is affiliated to the ECMD, the European Council for Metal Detecting.   Rod explains that the reasons why the ADAPT Metal Detecting club is successful at beach and sea detecting on the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida is because they act in a professional manner helping to promote metal detecting in a responsible way and caring for the environment.

Anyone interested in joining this group may contact Rod via the Adapt secretary at:

Holiday shutdown

The last ADAPT metal detecting meeting will be Monday 18th December for the North and Friday 22nd December for the south. Nothing else to report except that it is very cold at 7.30am on the beach!!!!   Photo is of Poniente beach, Benidorm in November, quiet and lovely weather for detecting in the sea.

Music to my ears

You will find us at the crack of dawn on the beach all forlorn.

We look strange with our headphones and a stick out front.

Will it be a pull ring, a gold coin or a magnificent find in this amazing treasure hunt.

All alone concentrating hard, the bleep, bleep, bleep is hard to ignore.

Life is great, and getting up at 5 is not a chore.

We hope to find that pot of gold

but if not, at least let it be old!

Another good job done


On Friday 18th March at an ADAPT metal detecting club meeting – Screwed again, and another good job done !


There we were on a Friday meeting, just as the sun rises in Alcazares and all kitted out to go in the sea, when member Ken shouts out “screw you”……… “What ?,” I said.  “look, what I’ve just detected in the shallow depths of the Mar Menor” he said, and there it was, he pulled out all 13 new screws in one go in his scoop from the sea !!!!  We have just saved someone from treading on any of those 13 screws in the picture and injuring themselves. Who in his right mind dumps these sharp objects into the sea ?


The Metal Detecting Group is once again full. Usual day and times as per calendar in the Newsletter.

Rod and Robin

Pleased to be able to help

We get calls from time to time to do search and recover, this was the case when I received via a friend a story of a lady who had lost her wedding ring whilst picking olives near where I live in the campo.  I contacted her and after verifying the details arranged to meet where it had been lost.

IMG_0434The lady (Cheryl ) and her husband (Paul) had been picking olives and then at the end of the day she was missing her ring. They had searched through the barrel of picked olives and searched the area around without luck.  I did a search around the trees and on walking over to the next set of trees found it. To say she was pleased was an understatement. Pictures of Cheryl and Robin and of the much loved ring.



There are a few places still open with the Metal Detecting Group. To apply, contact Rod Toms at the monthly meeting or Email Secretary click here

Rod and Robin


San Pedro – Sunday 1st November

It was an early start just at sunrise….we must be mad !

We all met at a cafe and had a coffee to perk us up at that unearthly hour of the morning.

Our members were invited to a special metal detecting dig at a place near San Pedro. It was special because the dig was not on a beach, but on some land that had been turned over by the tractors ready for planting. We had permission to detect on the site as it was a sensitive area for roman activity in the past. 10 of our members turned up, as they managed to get a pass out from their partners.!!

Then, on this bright sunny day we made our way to the site
in convoy armed with our latest electronic gadgets and wellington boots on our feet due to the bad rain storm that happened a few days before which made the soil a mud bath. We spread out and went our way sniffing out anything that was metal.

Lots of lead and metal trash was found buried beneath the soil and Roman pottery and glass was collected from the surface of the newly turned soil. We spent a few hours at the site and came up with a few pre -1950 coins but nothing spectacular was found, but it was great to be on soil instead of swinging our sticks in the sand. A good day detecting was had by all.

The Metal Detecting Group has advised that it is open for membership. To apply, contact Rod Toms at the monthly meeting or email Note that the North outing on Monday 28th December is cancelled. North resumes on Monday 4th January.
Rod and Robin

New Timetable

As of the 1st June there is a strict summer metal detecting timetable, which means early starts and early finishes, so as not to disrupt the beach tourism in our area.

Membership Full

Unfortunately our membership is full. Please contact Rod if you wish to go on the waiting list.

Metal Detecting Group Search & Recovery

The situation came about when a young Spanish lady called into the offices of San Pedro town hall and spoke to the Citizens Participation secretary Eva González.  She needed help in contacting the ADAPT metal detecting club’s free search and recovery service.  Eva kindly passed on all the relevant contact information to the ADAPT President Jane Cronin. The lady concerned is originally from San Pedro although now lives and works as a researcher in Paris.   She was only here for a few days visiting her family and is now back in Paris, but unfortunately when she was playing with her nieces and nephews on the Puntica beach in Lo Pagán, she lost her wedding ring in the sea and was understandably very upset.

Adrian from the Metal Detecting club arranged to meet José, a member of her family, and group leader Rod Toms, at the beach early in the morning.  So at 8 a.m. they promptly started searching for the veritable needle in the haystack.  They were particularly concerned because several days had already passed since the ring had been lost.  However, by 8.30 a.m. the ADAPT Metal Detectors we were able to hand over the wedding ring to José who was thrilled.  Apparently an employee at the town hall is visiting Paris very soon, so they are going to reunite the young lady with her wedding ring.

Associations Fair

ADAPT Metal Detecting Group have participated in the Association Fair in Lo Pagan again this year. In previous years ADAPT has manned a stall but unfortunately this year we were unable to take part. However, our Metal Detecting Group,  or the  ´Stick Wavers´  as they like to be known, were on the beach  busy with a special  Treasue Hunt  for the children to take part in.  Great fun for everyone involved.

The idea of the fair is for local independent associations to come together to make themselves known to the general public in the town, attract new members and participants and for the associations to get to know each other.