February Walk

Our walk on Wednesday 23rd of February started at 10.30 am  from the Garruchal  Ridge  Black Rabbit restaurant. There were only five of us. The weather report was favourable, and the sky looked clear in the distance. Wrapped up warm against a cold wind. we set off.  Due to the cold we decide to do the walk in reverse to give some chance of any sun which may eventually show through. None of us had walked the route this way and it is amazing how different things looked.  We walked along the fossil road so named after the field of fossilised oyster shell which border the track, It was not long before we encountered our first sighting of this years deadly processional caterpillars. Our walk nearly finished here as we spent so much time watching them, Biology lesson over we pressed on.
We stopped for our compulsory banana break in an old roman quarry, using the cut out steps as seats. from the rear of El Valle golf resort, we climbed the valley side, surmount the ridge and descend into the next valley which was coloured with pink almond blossom. from the Almond fields we climbed into deeply cut landscape. A wrong turn took us along an official path, but after 15 minutes it was decided that the path was better left to mountain goats. Retracing our steps we quickly found  our correct path. The path eventually led us into the pine trees. By this time the temperature had risen enough for us to remove some layers of clothing. We stopped for lunch at 1.30pm basking in the sunshine.
The last leg back to our starting point took us past an old railway waggon used by shooting parties, before dropping down the valley side back to the main road.
There are no official statistics this month. but we covered about 14km.
Last month I forgot to mention that our 15km walk burned off 800 calories. Who needs weightwatchers!


  1. I have recently joined ADAPT would it be possible to be sent details of your walks and their dates via e mail or will l need to check your site for details ?
    Thanks Greg

    • Hi Greg

      I have forwarded your details to Tim Clarke who is the group leader for the Adventure hill walks group.



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