Getting back to normal

It is still early days and of course we don´t know what the next few weeks will bring. However, we have made a few moves to get the wheels turning again and in particular are hoping to have a September members meeting on 5th September. Please watch this space as we dare not advertise it yet!

In the meantime, our stalwart Metal Detecting team has managed to return to some of its former activities.

Two ADAPT metal detectorists practising social distancing

In the words of the Metal Detector team leader Rod Toms:  “Friday 17th July was our second early morning metal detecting meeting since the lockdown.  The photos were taken in Santiago de la Ribera just after 7 am  Our club is Covid19 compliant and every one of our members wears a mask and has access to hand sanitisers.  We found 4 lead weights for the Hippocampus project which is ongoing. Three local police cars slowed down on the adjacent road to see what we were doing at such an unearthly hour!”


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