Adapt San Pedro

The Book Club is run by Jo Turner-Gill

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They recycle used books at the Adapt monthly meeting, selling them for 20 cents for a paperback and 50 cents for a hardback, the money raised is used to fund some of the other group activities.

Many book-lovers still prefer the traditional option and value the tactile sensation of a bound paper book. Paper books are, as a rule, very well designed, they look good and they carry with them a more human touch.



Recent News

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    24th September 2017
  • Please NO Books

    Please do not bring any books to the October Meeting.

    5th September 2016
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    Will ibooks replace real books? I hope not. Real books don’t hurt your eyes, they don’t require electricity and therefore don’t require a charger or ...

    22nd February 2015
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    Money raised for the sale of second hand books have purchased, to name but a few,  games for the Games Group. Contributed to the entertainment for the ...

    4th February 2015