Latest information from British Consulate, Alicante

Residency applications and TIE exchange:

We confirmed that we are aware of issues around getting appointments for the TIE exchange in Alicante. If anyone is having difficulty getting their green residency certificate accepted, they can show this document which the Spanish authorities have produced:

For anyone who is applying for residency for the first time, if they cannot get an appointment they can apply online, either with a digital certificate or by using a gestor. You can obtain a digital certificate from your local town hall.


We confirmed that everyone in Spain will receive the vaccine but it may take time for this to happen. British nationals on private healthcare can register at their local health centre. If they try to do so and are told to wait, this may be because the vaccine roll out has not yet reached their age group. As soon as we hear anything further on vaccines, we will let you know. The Murcia region is setting up some information online but again this may take some time, so we will update you once we hear anything further.

Contacting the Consulate:

If someone asks you a general enquiry, you can ask them to fill in an online contact form so they get the answer directly. If someone is vulnerable and unable to call the Consulate, they can also fill in a contact form and ask for someone to contact them. The online contact form is

Of course, you can also contact me directly if there is a particular case, issue or question that you would like help with.

Healthcare in Spain:

·       Information for residents:   

·       Information for tourists:

If a customer has a particular problem with accessing healthcare in Spain, they can email the healthcare team directly on

Funding for your charity:

If your charity is struggling to fundraise due to COVID, we may be able to apply for some funding for next financial year. The funding would have to be specifically to support vulnerable British nationals in Spain. If anyone would like to discuss this further please let me know.

Residency requirements moving forward:

British nationals moving to Spain from now on will fall under the “regimen general de extranjeria” which is the main immigration rules for non-EU nationals.

More information can be found on these websites:

· (in Spanish)

· (in English)

Note that the British Consulate cannot advise on whether someone may meet these requirements or help with any applications.

For British nationals who were in Spain before the end of last year but do not meet the residency requirements – we explained that these British nationals may choose to remain in Spain “under the radar” or return to the UK. It is best to be clear with them about what this means with regard to access to services so they can make an informed decision. If they need help with returning to the UK because they cannot pay for a flight or the PCR tests, they can contact us.

In the Comunidad Valenciana, most town halls have an office that supports non-EU national immigrants. These are called PANGEA offices. There is a list of all PANGEA offices in the Comunidad Valenciana on this link:

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