Adapt San Pedro




Despite only starting planning and rehearsals in January the group of 14 ADAPT members with Spanish friends, led by Cristina Mena, participated in the San Pedro 2018 Carnival bringing rhythm, energy and fun in bringing relief to “gripe”.

 I perceive this year’s carnival as the first successful integration activity of the year; what is integration but a mixed group of Spanish and English people representing ADAPT within the larger Spanish community of San Pedro? 

My most sincere heartfelt gratitude to Cristina, her Spanish friends and the ADAPT members that have participated and made this traditional activity of ADAPT possible. Since carnival three Spanish participants have joined ADAPT and plans for next year’s event are already being discussed!!

The Department of Festivities from the Town Hall have expressed their gratitude and have congratulated us on our participation.

                                                                                                 REME RUIZ


Members from the ADAPT committee met with representatives of the Cofradía San Juan Evangelista on 10 February to discuss potential collaboration with them. It is suggested that this starts with participation in this year’s Santa Semana processions when we hope some ADAPT members will take part.

The Cofradía will attend the March monthly meeting to share with members their work and how ADAPT members can participate in the future.




That’s right……

The ADAPT metal detecting club was stopped metal detecting on the beach by the Los Alcazares police a few weeks ago, and we were told that metal detecting in Murcia is now banned!!!!!


I have had to make the decision to let our members know that for now we cannot partake in this hobby helping to clean the beaches and shallow sea of discarded metal items on the Murcian coastline until we find out why this ruling of NO metal detecting has been made.

We do have a suspicion that there is no actual law been passed by the police as we have asked questions and, the real issue actually lies with the town hall.

Our metal detecting club is proud to work to a very strict code of conduct, and each member has a photo ID and we also have Valencian approved metal detecting permits, but these are not valid in Murcia.

Since raising this with Reme, our President, she has been attempting to clarify within the Los Alcazares town hall and we are very hopeful to resolve this to get our club back swinging our sticks again on the Murcia beaches very soon.



                                                                                                       ROD TOMS.



The Brexit information meeting held on 13 February at the Casa del Cultura in Pilar de la Horadada was extremely well attended. Hosted by the Town Hall, it also included Richard Hill from the Expats in Spain organisation, Torrevieja Hospital and was chaired by Sarah-Jane Morris, British Counsel.

Attendees were given a warm welcome by the Pilar de la Horadada mayor, he expressed that Brexit was not an issue in Pilar and wanted British residents to be “happy here amongst us.”

Sarah-Jane outlined the current situation in terms of the recent Accord, areas

that are currently agreed such as health care, residency, pensions but there is more work to do on voting rights and freedom of movement across European Union countries.
Sarah-Jane strongly encouraged British residents to ensure they are registered on the Padron and have residency. At the point of UK leaving the EU either in March 2019 or after a possible transition period British residents will be protected if they have established residency in Spain. If there are any doubts about their status she suggested they check at the Police station. It is not clear what the position will be for British residents arriving after we leave the European Union.


Celia (in photograph with Sarah-Jane Morris) raised the issue of difficulties San Pedro residents have in signing on the Padron without having residency and Sarah-Jane later agreed to explore further with San Pedro town hall.

Sarah-Jane also encouraged us to use trusted sources for information, not listen to the rumour mill, the best source of official information is at