Metal Detecting Success!

Metal Detectorist Robin Bonathan with Dariush and his wedding ring

Yesterday, a distraught member of the public contacted us asking for help to find a lost wedding ring. 

On Sunday, Dariush had been playing in the sand with his two daughters at a Santa Pola beach.  When they were ready to leave Dariush noticed that his wedding ring was missing and lost somewhere in the sand. He was distraught and spent 5 hours searching the beach where he had been playing with his daughters with a plastic spade, but to no avail.

He remembered that he saw an advertisement from a local forum that somebody provided a search and recovery service for lost metal items. He trawled through the forum history and found our advertisement, which was posted 8 years ago!  He traced the original source and contacted us through the ADAPT website.

Robin Bonathan team leader, who looks after the North Costa Blanca area was informed and sprung into action. It would be a hard task to find this lost ring as there are so many independent metal detecting hobbyists out there, but Robin organised a meeting with the owner of the ring straight away and started the search. Robin searched for two hours without success before the meeting with Dariush, but when he arrived and pointed to the exact area, Robin’s first swing of his top of the range metal detector  FOUND IT….. no bother !!! 

So, within less than 24 hours of reporting this lost ring to the ADAPT metal detecting club, it was found and returned to its owner.

Dariush was in tears and thanked Robin for his prompt and professional approach. Another great day for the Adapt Metal Detecting group!

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