Our January Walk

For this months walk, I sent out a weather warning. At the time, the days forecast was cold and windy, so I had advised that hats and gloves would be required.
Nine ADAPT members met on Wednesday 24th January at the Repsol services on the A30 Murcia pass. Our destination in a round about way, was the fortress at the head of the pass.
As it turned out the weather was great. Some people even turned up in shorts. For the rest of us who had turned up wearing long sleeved clothing, layers were slowly being stripped off for the first couple of kilometres.Walking in the direction of Murcia alongside the motorway for the first kilometre. We then took the tunnel to the other side of the road and skirted the northern side of the valley in the general direction of Corvera. After four kilometres at a height above sea level around 360 metres we started or climb to the top of the ridge, rising to 500 metres over the nest two kilometres. The views at the top were spectacular, but would be put into the shade by those later to be seen from the fortress.
When we had regained our breath and posed for photos, we continued on the top of the ridge, back in the direction of the pass. Arriving at the base of the fortress at 1,15pm we had our packed lunches, before the most intrepid set of for the fortress itself. The path is quite steep and involves some agile footwork. It certainly not a route to be taken when it is wet.
At the top we admired the views. Someone made the comment that it was worth the struggle to get to the top, but it would be a long time before they attempted the climb again.
Since my last visit, someone has set up a nativity scene in one of the fort walls together with a notebook, pen, and a box in which to put messages. The messages all seemed to follow the same theme, namely wishes for better health and wealth during 2018.
Descending necessitated some use of hands on the rocks, facing backwards and some decided that sitting down on the rock for extra support worked well.
Back with those who had declined the climb at 2.30pm, we made our way back into the valley,  and  arrived back at our cars at 3.15pm.
The total distance was 15.4 kilometres. taking four and three quarter hours. Maximum height 528 metres above sea level.

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