Pleased to be able to help

We get calls from time to time to do search and recover, this was the case when I received via a friend a story of a lady who had lost her wedding ring whilst picking olives near where I live in the campo.  I contacted her and after verifying the details arranged to meet where it had been lost.

IMG_0434The lady (Cheryl ) and her husband (Paul) had been picking olives and then at the end of the day she was missing her ring. They had searched through the barrel of picked olives and searched the area around without luck.  I did a search around the trees and on walking over to the next set of trees found it. To say she was pleased was an understatement. Pictures of Cheryl and Robin and of the much loved ring.



There are a few places still open with the Metal Detecting Group. To apply, contact Rod Toms at the monthly meeting or Email Secretary click here

Rod and Robin


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