San Pedro Carnival

The  San  Pedro  Carnival was as usual a big hit and was well supported and thoroughly enjoyed by the public and participants.

We are honoured each year  by being invited to take part in the  Carnival.  As usual it was a great success and the  ADAPT  association was well represented by a contingent  of ´ Mexicans´ .

Over the years the members, being a more ´ mature and experienced´ group to be taking part,  have felt the cold somewhat, so this year  the Mexican theme was welcomed, as undetected, the poncho´s hid their  woolly jumpers etc. Unfortunately (or fortunately)  the weather was very mild, hence the resulting ´HOT Mexicans!´

Nevertheless  the parade was thoroughly enjoyed by the  ADAPT  members who were cheered on by our Spanish community, friends and fellow members who lined the streets.


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