San Pedro – Sunday 1st November

It was an early start just at sunrise….we must be mad !

We all met at a cafe and had a coffee to perk us up at that unearthly hour of the morning.

Our members were invited to a special metal detecting dig at a place near San Pedro. It was special because the dig was not on a beach, but on some land that had been turned over by the tractors ready for planting. We had permission to detect on the site as it was a sensitive area for roman activity in the past. 10 of our members turned up, as they managed to get a pass out from their partners.!!

Then, on this bright sunny day we made our way to the site
in convoy armed with our latest electronic gadgets and wellington boots on our feet due to the bad rain storm that happened a few days before which made the soil a mud bath. We spread out and went our way sniffing out anything that was metal.

Lots of lead and metal trash was found buried beneath the soil and Roman pottery and glass was collected from the surface of the newly turned soil. We spent a few hours at the site and came up with a few pre -1950 coins but nothing spectacular was found, but it was great to be on soil instead of swinging our sticks in the sand. A good day detecting was had by all.

The Metal Detecting Group has advised that it is open for membership. To apply, contact Rod Toms at the monthly meeting or email Note that the North outing on Monday 28th December is cancelled. North resumes on Monday 4th January.
Rod and Robin

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