Semana Santa 2020 San Pedro del Pinatar. Cofradía de San Juan Evangelista

This Confradía has welcomed Adapt members and people from the English speaking community into their midst. Here is some information for those who may be interested in joining in.


Friday 10th April. The longest parade, with all the cofradías. About 3 hours, at night.

Saturday 11th April. It starts at 5.00pm, it is the shorter one, about an hour long.

Sunday 12th April, in the morning. A big parade, not a long track, but it lasts 2 hours minimum.


Every Friday evening, at 21.30 pm, from 28th February.

Streets near ITV (MOT) in San Pedro del Pinatar.


The Cofradía provides all the clothes, except gloves and socks. You have to wear the pointed hat on Friday and Saturday, but not in the Sunday morning parade.


If you want to join the Cofradía, the fee is 30€. They also give you the opportunity of walking after the “float”, wearing normal clothes, on Friday or Saturday, so you can have the experience without going through all the rehearsals and dressing in the full costume.

If you are interested please contact Adapt through the website or e-mail

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