The ADAPT Metal Detecting club has been active for over 9 years now, even though laws are getting stricter on regulating our hobby as we are now required to have a special detecting permit in most areas of Spain.  Amongst our commitments is the Adapt “search and recovery service” through which we have found many lost

personal items such as keys, watches and even jewellery on the beaches and in the sea.

A year ago, we were asked by the Murcia “Hippocampus project” (Save the Sea Horse) if we could help to reduce the pollution caused by lead in the Mar Menor. lagoon by using our metal detectors to find lost lead fishing weights sunk into the sand and shallow surf. This lead has had a negative effect on the sea and its inhabitants and sea horse reproduction in particular has suffered badly in due to the toxic conditions. Our metal detecting club rose to the challenge and in fact we now donate the lead weights we find to the San Pedro visitor centre.  They are melted down and sold on to help fund the research and development of the new born sea horses.

Over the past 12 months we have collated a massive total of 42.98 Kg!  You would never realise that this amount of lead is there beneath our feet when we visit the beaches.  A special thanks goes to our dedicated members who have helped to contributed to this target.  Needless to say this work is continuing.

Apart from giving our time and effort to such projects, we still enjoy our hobby on the beaches and in the sea and have a laugh. We have a very strict code of conduct and each member has a photo ID which is worn at all times.

The aim of our Metal Detecting club is to help protect the environment where we can and be responsible as metal detectorists, promoting our hobby in a professional way and respecting Spanish heritage laws.  We meet up regularly every week early in the morning, as the sun rises.

If you see us on the local beaches please come up and say “hello” as we are a friendly bunch of people, and we can even show you how to find a ring-pull or a bottle top!  The ADAPT Metal Detecting club only has a small voice in a big world but we are trying to do some good for the health of the community.


  1. Hi guys. I live down in Almeria province where, obviously, the Junta de Andalucia have a blanket ban on detecting. My machine (Bounty Hunter Tracker IV) is therefore collecting dust instead of finds. I do get out with by brother when I visit Scotland but it would be nice to do some ‘tecting here. Would you welcome a “guest” at one of your organised digs? Regards, Ralphie

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