Torre Guil

On what was a really good day for hill walking, we set off from the Repsol garage on the A30 to theAlcantarilla side of the Carrascoy range, above the very pleasant (and expensive) residential suburb of Torre Guil. The aim was to walk the 7 kilometres or so to the Pico Aguilas, or Eagle’s Peak, which is only 670 metres above sea level but has a dramatic sounding name ! We parked up at the Plaza de las Moreras, or Mulberry Tree Plaza and began a long gradual ascent to Eagle’s Peak. As ever on these walks, the scenery, fresh air and silence of the hills cannot be conveyed. It has to be experienced.

After a lunch stop at the peak, we began a nice and easy descent to the Plaza, completing around 14 kilometres or so on our round trip.

Unfortunately, John and Irene have to stand down from these walks and we are grateful to Tim Clarke for agreeing to be the Group Leader. In the photograph you can see Tim (Sherpa) Clarke enjoying a perfect blue sky day in the hills. And no, that is not Eagle’s Peak he is standing on!

John & Irene – handing over to Tim

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