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Metal Detecting

New Timetable

As of the 1st June there is a strict summer metal detecting timetable, which means early starts and early finishes, so as not to disrupt the beach tourism in our area.
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School Monitors Project

Los Pinos School

One of the English teachers in Los Pinos primary school has sent this note of appreciation to the ADAPT School Monitors’ Project: “In the last several years we have had the good fortune of working […]
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Tonne of Money

Tonne of Money

The collection for the “Tonne of money” at the May ADAPT meeting brought in 44.30 euros weighing 5.253 kilos, the running total for 2015 now stands at 251.10 euros and weighs 29.775 kilos. So to keep up our […]
Dinner and Dance Club

Dinner Dance Group

As July and August are traditionally holiday months, the next Diner/Dance will be during SEPTEMBER 2015 If you require any further information then contact Brian at
Adventure Hill Walks


The walk in Calasparra was on Wednesday 13th May. In spite of the sudden rise in temperature, the Adapt Adventure Hill walkers did a circular walk from the Sanctuario de Nuestra Senora de Esperanza. We […]