A Biting Start to October!

I had an urgent call to help find a lost man’s wedding ring in an urbanisation swimming pool area.  The story was that Mr Colm O Brian was on holiday and was playing with his children and resting in the grassy area surrounding the pool. As the sun was going down, it was time to go into the house but as he got up off the grass he shook his towel and his Palladium wedding ring flew off and landed in the grass.  He spent hours looking for the ring in the grass and undergrowth where he was bitten by hoards of mosquitoes.

He panicked and went on to Google to find a local metal detecting club in the area that could help him find the lost ring.  His first hit on Google was the ADAPT website Metal Detecting Club !!…GREAT….

He wasted no time in contacting me and within 24 hours I had arrived at his home to look for the ring with my metal detector in the urbanisation recreational area. I started looking where he had been sitting and knowing that it must be lost in the near vicinity. There were all sorts of stray radio and electrical signals upsetting my detector but I carried on searching and being bitten by the mozzies.

Ten minutes into the search I found the ring, and he was delighted that our service was so quick and professional.  I asked him to show off the lost ring along with his newborn babies.

Great work from our ADAPT Metal Detecting club!

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