2018 President Reme Ruiz welcomes our new President for 2019

Welcome to the Association of English Speakers of San Pedro del Pinatar (La Asociación de AngloParlantes de San Pedro del Pinatar).


We are a vibrant and growing Association based in San Pedro del Pinatar in Murcia and we have two simple aims:

  • The well being of our English speaking members;
  • The integration of our members, through the Association, into the wider Spanish community.

We achieve the first through various groups holding regular activities and events. This creates diversity but more important, it brings together people who may not otherwise have an opportunity to socialise with others. We also, as far as practically possible, try to keep members informed of events or changes that may impact on their lives here in Spain.

The second aim, of integration, is always a bit more difficult because to fully integrate in another country there is another language to learn and for many of us, that proves very challenging!

However, we have volunteers working on Integration Projects that include daily ADAPT local school monitors assisting Spanish children with English, a weekly Conversation Exchange with English/Spanish people, we also participate in Carnaval and at Christmas time there is the ADAPT Pantomime and the ADAPT choir Carol singing. As an Association, we are also mindful of our responsibility to society at large and so we donate to Spanish charities, to further be recognised as doing good for the Spanish community. In these ways, and others, we carry out our integration aims on behalf of all our members.

We are a fully registered Association with the Region of Murcia and follow the articles of such Associations, which enables us to work with the San Pedro Town Hall and better integrate into the community.

Please feel free to explore our website and contact us if you need more information. I hope you will consider joining us soon at our Monthly Meeting, held on the first Saturday of every month except January, July and August, and I hope to see you soon.

Mike Pudney