1. Association Name

1.1       The official name shall be ‘Asociación de Angloparlantes de San Pedro del Pinatar’ known as ‘ADAPT’. No other name shall be used in the advertising or representation of the Association.

  1. Association Base

2.1       The Association shall be registered and permanently based in San Pedro del Pinatar.

  1. Purposes and Aims

3.1       The well-being of members and to promote the integration of the members into the wider social and cultural life of San Pedro del Pinatar.

3.2       To promote mutual understanding through ADAPT activities, events and projects, between English speakers, Spanish residents and people of other nationalities.

3.3         Each individual member will be treated with respect in order to promote inclusion and integration.

  1. Membership

4.1       English is the main language of communication for all Association business.

4.2       The Association ‘year’ shall be from 1 January to 31 December each year.

4.3       Membership annual fees shall be set by the Committee each year and shall be payable from 1 January. New members shall have to pay only a 50% portion of the annual fee if they join from 1 July.

4.4       Visitors and temporary member fees shall be set by the Committee each year and shall be payable at the time of visit or event or activity.

4.5       Members information provided during registration each year shall be retained in accordance with the General

Data Protection Regulation (2018).

4.6       The Association Committee may decide to terminate individual membership if an individual’s conduct proves prejudicial to the Association or brings the Association into disrepute.

  1. Activity Restrictions

5.1       The Association shall not be knowingly connected in any way with known commercial enterprises, other than at the discretion of the committee.

  1. Association Committee

6.1       The ADAPT Committee, to meet the requirements of Spanish law, shall be formed from the following positions:

  • President;
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

They will be supported by the following committee positions;

  • Vice President English speaking
  • Vice President Spanish speaking
  • Charities Coordinator
  • Press Officer
  • Website Coordinator

6.2       The quorum for the Committee meetings shall be no less than four members, one must hold the role of President or Vice President or be delegated the role by the President in advance. If the Treasurer is not present, then no final financial decisions can be taken.  The President shall have the casting vote in the event of a tied Committee decision.

6.3       The President shall have the authority to co-opt up to two Association members on a temporary basis for specific roles on the Committee.

6.4       All members of the Committee shall be current members of the Association.

6.5       The Committee shall be responsible for the allocation of Association funds.

  1. Responsibilities of Committee Members.

7.1       All Committee members, including co-opted members, shall maintain confidentiality over sensitive matter  discussed at Committee meetings. Committee members shall sign an integrity and confidentiality agreement at the time of their election.

7.2       The Secretary shall be responsible for arranging regular committee meetings as deemed necessary, with some limited email consultation as required. Minutes shall be recorded by the Secretary for all meetings and held by the Secretary for 4 years.

7.3       There shall be nine Association meetings per year, usually taking place on the first Saturday of each month, except in January, July and August.

7.4        Association members shall be notified of meetings and events, activities or projects via the website and electronic mail.

7.5        The Vice President English will take a lead role for group leader coordination.

  1. Association Expenses & Donations

8.1    The Association recognises that there will be expenses from time to time and reasonable expenses shall be considered for reimbursement as outlined in the ADAPT expenses policy.

8.2    Requests for funding from other organisations shall be considered by the Committee

  1. Elections and by-elections

9.1    The Association AGM shall be held at the December monthly meeting.

9.2    The Secretary shall be responsible for the organisation of the annual election of members to the Committee.

9.3     The Secretary will e-mail the membership during the last two weeks of October asking if they wish to stand for Committee positions, which will be listed. If a member wishes to stand they must have a proposer and be seconded. If more than one person stands for a position, there will be a ballot at the December AGM.

9.4    Nominations for Committee positions shall be returned by email to the Secretary by a date set prior to the November Committee meeting. Any nomination received after this date shall be null and void.

All members of the Committee shall be voted into their positions via an election or by-election. For single  nomination positions, a yes/no vote shall be held. No member can be a candidate for a Committee position  unless they have been a member of the Association for at least one year.

9.5    If more than one person stands for any one position then votes will be cast by secret ballot and majority vote wins. In case of a tie, the President casts the deciding vote, unless it is the President’s role that is being decided in which case a 2nd ballot shall be required. There shall be a simple show of hands if only one candidate stands.

9.6    In the event that an essential Committee position (President, Secretary or Treasurer) becomes vacant during an operating year, the Committee will decide if a by-election for that position will be held or if a member can be      co-opted to the role up until the next AGM.

9.7    Outgoing members of the Committee must hand over all information and any documentation to their successor within 4 weeks of the election and ideally with a face to face meeting.

  1. Data Protection

10.1 The Association will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018) in maintaining the  security of members electronic information and in offering members an opportunity to review and amend  information held by the Treasurer and Secretary.

Data held will be minimal and relevant to the Associations purpose and removed once a member leaves the  Association.

  1. Amendments

11.1  Any amendments to the constitution shall be presented to the membership either at a monthly meeting, or by  email and be subsequently updated on the website.

  1. Association Dissolution

12.1  The Association must comply with the procedures and protocols of Spanish legal requirements for such Associations. Therefore, should there be no nomination for President by the November committee meeting prior to the AGM, and the serving President no longer wishes to continue in the role, the serving President will inform the membership that the Association shall be dissolved. The President shall then take all necessary administration steps to ensure the legitimate dissolution of the Association in line with Spanish requirements before the 31st December.

12.2  In the event of dissolution, all the Association’s funds and assets shall be donated to a charity agreed by the last serving Committee.

This Constitution has been adopted by Asociación de Angloparlantes de San Pedro del Pinatar after due consultation with its officers and members.

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