Another Metal Detecting Success

Wednesday 11th September turned out to be an eventful meeting for our club.

There we were waiting for it to get light at Santiago de la Ribera at 7.15 am, so we could see what we were doing metal detecting on the beach and in the Mar Menor, when a distraught lady came up to one of our members, Mark Wallbanks who was near the water edge and asked if he could help her find a lost gold ring and a gold bracelet.

The story was that on Monday, she was relaxing on the sand and when she got up to go back home she realised a ring was missing off her finger which was her mother’s wedding ring who had passed away and also her bracelet had gone. She searched the area where she was sitting but couldn’t find it. Then on the following day Tuesday, she came back to the beach on her own to scour the sand with her hands but to no avail.

She had almost given up the hope of finding the lost items but Wednesday came, and this is where our club triumphed again. The lady was in tears as Mark agreed to help her. Mark was hoping his metal detector and skills would win the day, and he was shown the area where she thought she lost the items and BOOM he found her mother’s ring with the very first signal.

The rest of us were in the sea looking for lead weights which was quite a distance out from the shore, but we heard a scream and the lady burst into tears shouting “he’s found my mother’s wedding ring” and was hugging Mark, and she was kissing the found ring that she lost saying “I found it mom” to the sky.

By then with all the commotion, we all came out of the sea to help find the lost bracelet but sadly nothing else was found despite our efforts

The lady was totally overcome with emotion crying and thanked usall andinsisted on buying us a coffee for our efforts. She was dancing around telling everyone at the chiringuito what our club has done for her and made us pose for a photo to show her family in Switzerland what miracle we had done to help her find her deceased mother’s ring.

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