Casa Cuna, Cartagena

A group of Adapt members when to visit Casa Cuna which is one of our adopted charities for 2019. Here is their report:

Casa Cuna (Cradle Home) is a children’s home managed by the nuns of the Daughters of Charity order in Cartagena. Four nuns and 30 people, nursery and child care professionals, work caring of 39 children (19 of them are babies) who currently reside in the centre, thanks to an agreement with the Murcia region Social Services department. The centre is for children from 0 to 6 years of age, but if they arrive with siblings of 7 years old, they are also admitted.
Both children and infants go to different schools and nurseries in Cartagena, to socialize with other children and in diverse environments. They are not orphans: they live at the Casa Cuna because the Child Protection Service or a judge, has decided that their families are unable to take care of them. If it is advisable, they keep in contact with their family, and their parents can visit them at the centre, always under the control of the staff. They stay at the centre until they return to their families, after an exhaustive study by the Children Protection Service, coordinated with the assessment of the psychologist and the Casa Cuna social worker. The alternative is to go to a foster family for pre-adoptive care, or adoption. When they are 7 years old, they go to another centre for older children.

If the children have a disability, illness or special need, the nuns take them to the doctor or to a physiotherapist and give them the treatment they need.
The children live happily in the centre: the relationship with the nuns and nurses is close and you can see the affection they have for the children.
In the house there are two different areas, one for babies and one for older children. The rooms are cheerful and bright, with beautiful drawings on the walls, many books and toys. There is a room to do homework, another room and a gallery to play, as well as a playground with large trees, swings and two paddling pools, one for babies and one for children. Everything is very neat and spotlessly clean.  It is a good environment for children to feel safe and cared for.
There are volunteers who spend time with the children in the afternoon to help them with their homework and reading. There are also families that take the children out at the weekend with their own children, to the park, the cinema or the fair.


  1. We are holding a charity event to raise money for just such a charity. Can you tell me more of what their needs are please. We would also need their registration no.

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