Group Leader: We are currently looking for a new group leader. The details below were developed by a previous group leader and can be used as guidance, but any new leader would be free to structure the group as they see fit.

Group Description:

Below is a description of a proposed IT group including timetable and venue, but details can be changed if a new leader steps in.

The IT Support Group is intended to help ADAPT members with their IT needs from an educational perspective. While the Group will help with individual problems where possible, this is not an IT Helpline, but will aim to make using everyday technology easier.

As well as education on major software and hardware issues, we will have regular sessions to look at jargon-busting, staying safe online, and myth busting.

Weekly Educational Meeting

Meeting Time: Every Thursday, 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Meeting Venue: Liverpool Pub, Calle Gabriel Cañadas, 26, 30740 San Pedro del Pinatar.

Weekly Individual Guidance Meeting*

Meeting Time: Every Friday, 9:30am – 10:30am

Meeting Venue: Hogar de Pensionista, San Pedro

*For these meetings, priority will be given to people who have attended the the Thursday meetings or those whose attendance has been most regular. We recommend contacting the Group email if you have issues you need looking at in the first instance.