Metal Detecting Group

One of our non-ADAPT metal detecting friends “Johan” from Holland who joined us as a guest recently at our meeting on the Orihuela Costa gave us a laugh.

Normally he is tucked away metal detecting in the Mar Menor where he and his wife park up in their camper van for months on end after driving all the way from Holland.

He arrives every year to the same spot and metal detects his heart out in the warm crystal clear waters.

However, he decided to join us on a beach meeting at Campoamor.

His camper van was still parked up in Los Alcázares, so I casually asked “How on earth did you travel to Campoamor without your camper van?”…. he replied ” on my scooter ” !!!Johan van-1

His whole kit including large scoop, metal detector and a holdall bag was hung about the scooter and looked so funny when he was about to set off on the long journey back to his camper van …………………….. let’s hope the Guardia Civil didn’t stop him.

With the howling winds and cold rough seas, our dedicated lady detectorist, Susan Coote, braves the waves to find coins washed up from the storms………….We must be mad, but we love it.susan coote 12 march 2014

If you would like to join this unique group of people or just want to know a bit more about metal detecting then please contact Rod Toms on





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