Metal Detecting Group Search & Recovery

The situation came about when a young Spanish lady called into the offices of San Pedro town hall and spoke to the Citizens Participation secretary Eva González.  She needed help in contacting the ADAPT metal detecting club’s free search and recovery service.  Eva kindly passed on all the relevant contact information to the ADAPT President Jane Cronin. The lady concerned is originally from San Pedro although now lives and works as a researcher in Paris.   She was only here for a few days visiting her family and is now back in Paris, but unfortunately when she was playing with her nieces and nephews on the Puntica beach in Lo Pagán, she lost her wedding ring in the sea and was understandably very upset.

Adrian from the Metal Detecting club arranged to meet José, a member of her family, and group leader Rod Toms, at the beach early in the morning.  So at 8 a.m. they promptly started searching for the veritable needle in the haystack.  They were particularly concerned because several days had already passed since the ring had been lost.  However, by 8.30 a.m. the ADAPT Metal Detectors we were able to hand over the wedding ring to José who was thrilled.  Apparently an employee at the town hall is visiting Paris very soon, so they are going to reunite the young lady with her wedding ring.

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