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NHW Alert

If driving, day or night, and eggs are thrown at your windscreen, do not stop ! Try not to operate the wipers or use water spray because this will make vision worse and you will have to then stop. That is what the thieves want you to do. If you halt, it is more than probable that you will be robbed.

NHW Alert

Last month, the parents of a home owner in Torre de la Horadada were conned out of € 70,00. A man, tall, presentable, Dutch or Scandinavian accent, stops at the gate/door and tells a sad tale of being burgled, bank cards not working, no money to pay a locksmith, and he even added that his kids were crying in the car because they were hungry. Prior to the event, the man was seen rummaging in the community’s mailbox section. He was taking a note of the names on community mailboxes and corresponding house numbers. This allowed him to approach neighbours and reel off names of other neighbours as though they were friends of his, asking if they were in. This also, of course, gave the impression that he “lived on the community just round the corner”.

NHW Alert

A man went to a store in the Benijofar area, parked in the store car park and tried to lock his car using the car’s remote fob, but failed. No matter how many times he tried to use the remote it would not lock the car. Believing the fob faulty he locked his car manually. As he walked off into the store he saw two men in a parked car near to his, who he thought were suspicious. Having entered the store he stood and watched his car from and saw one of the two men get out of their car and go up to his hire car and try to open the driver’s door only to find it locked. The man then returned to his car and both men drove off. When he returned to his car he was able to unlock his car doors using the remote fob without a problem. This incident is suspicious and so he wanted to pass on what had happened. There is no evidence to prove it but one theory is that the signal from the remote may have been either grabbed or jammed.

NHW Alert

A new scam is doing the rounds and follows this pattern; the householder gets a telephone call from a person who says he is from Telefonica. The caller goes on to explain that Telefonica are upgrading the line in the area to “Fibre Optic Cables” to give faster and better service.

The caller then explains that there will be no break in the current service and no charges for the upgrade BUT (and here is the catch) future bills will come from “Jazztel” and that someone from

Jazztel will call to confirm details, and presumably, arrange to change over your payment from

Telefonica to Jazztel. Do not give details to anyone. Telefonica have confirmed that this is a con.

NHW Alert

The Guardia Civil advise a new method of “tagging” properties. Would-be burglars are wedging a

small piece of transparent plastic to property doors or gates. Idea is that upon their return in a few

days, if the plastic has been moved or fallen, then the door or gate has been opened, thus indicating

occupied. But, if the plastic is in place, the door has not been opened, indicating the property is

vacant, so a break-in would go unnoticed.

NHW Alert

The “Gas Men” are again targeting residents in Campoverde. This time they are telephoning a property and saying the Gas Certificate is out of date and then make an appointment to call later. If you receive a call tell them that you will check your certificate and ask for a telephone number to call back, it is probable that you will not be given a number to call and that is the time to hang up. Another way is to say “ I do not have gas” and see what they say after that. If you do get a number, you can then check your regular inspection company tele number and if the certificate is or is not up to date.

NHW Alert

A gang has been arrested in various areas including Valencia, Castellon and Alicante. They were taking mail from boxes, especially manzanas, where it was obvious that residents were absent, using data in facturas and other docs to build a financial bogus application that allowed them to contact telephone companies over the internet and order the latest mobiles and other hardware, then re-sell these in Spain and Morroco. The warning is clear. Be extremely careful with your mail. Ask a friend or neighbour to keep it for you if possible – avoid a full mailbox which shows absence.


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