Talk on Corvera Aiport

At our last meeting on June 1st our Spanish Vice-president Yolanda gave us a presentation about Corvera airport where she now works.

First she showed us the destinations that can be reached from Corvera, which they hope will expand in the future.

Yolanda then explained the best way to get to the airport from San Pedro. Google Maps gives three alternatives but Yolanda recommends the route that goes along RM11 road inland from San Javier.

When you get to the fork that connects with the A30 showing Murcia right and Cartagena left, you take the left fork towards Cartagena.

There is a bus to the airport from San Pedro but the service is quite limited at the moment. As the bus service is controlled by the Murcia regional government, Yolanda suggests that people should lobby the government for a better service. You can contact Yolanda with comments or suggestions to pass on to the airport or regional government at 

There are also several car hire companies at the airport, some within the airport grounds and others very nearby.

Finally Yolanda showed us the website for AENA which controls all the airports in Spain. On this website you can become a “club client” by filling in a very easy form with basic details and as a club client you can get very substantial discounts on airport parking.

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