The end of an era

It is with some sadness that we have to report the dissolution of the ADAPT association. Obviously the pandemic has taken its toll, but on a deeper level, it is also apparent that many of our members are moving on with their lives and there is little new blood arriving on the scene. ADAPT was created as a focal point for English-speaking volunteers to become involved in various projects in the town of San Pedro, but we now find that there are no new volunteers willing or able to take on the committee roles that are needed for ADAPT to carry on. A number of ADAPT groups will continue to function independently.

We have had some feedback from members over the last few days, and have been specifically requested to share this message on our website by our member Alan Brake:

To Jane and all committee members both past and present a very big thank you not just from me but from all the people that have benefitted by coming into contact with ADAPT and its members since it was first set up.

My view is that the committee’s action in dissolving the ADAPT association is regrettable but the correct one to be taking at this time and I further believe that the actions taken have been to the highest possible professional standards and each and every member should take pride in how our organisation has been lead during all the years it has existed.

The final comment I have is to say to Jane and the Committee members both past and present is I think I am a better person because of the opportunities I have been given during my membership of ADAPT and what more could you have given me, I wish you long, happy and health lives to you and your loved ones

Alan Brake


  1. How sad! I just moved to Már Menor and would have loved to join some of the activities. I hope we can revive Adapt in the near future….

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