Vaccinations in Spain

We have received confirmation from the British Consulate that all British citizens who are registered with their local Health centre (Centro de Salud) will receive their appointment for the Covid vaccination directly from the Health centre at the appropriate time.

It is very important that the health authorities have up-to-date contact details for you. If this needs updating it may be done online or in person at the health centre.

Those who are reliant on private insurance should contact their insurance companies for more information.


  1. I am type 2 diabetes aged 65
    And am due to receive the astragenaca vaccine on 26 June
    Should I be getting the Pfizer vaccine instead ?
    We have private ins with Sanitas

    • Hi Garry,

      On this website we pass on information which we think might be of use or interest to others but none of us are medically qualified. I would urge you to consult with a doctor about which vaccination you should be taking. I wish you all the best. Jane

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